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Our Mission

To be the leading premier provider of quality production services in Mexico with the highest degree of satisfaction.

The Company

We are a team of experienced media professionals making sure your project is produced with the highest of production standards.

For over 30 years, CineSouth has been a go-to provider of secure and trusty production services for Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned music artists and, and non-profits. By bringing together a team of the best and brightest in the industry, the company carries Mark Pittman’s solid drive for excellence, and love of creative and challenging work into every project,

For us, size does matter. That’s why we’ve chosen to be small. It helps us to remain agile and flexible. It allows us to quickly adapt and scale back if needed. And most important of all, it keeps us initiated and engaged throughout the entire production process. We tackle and transform production challenges into flawless large and small-scale jobs that come in on time and on budget.

Our 30+ years experience allows us to bring the best solution to every possible challenge. We like to think outside and inside the box and are passionate about finding the right solutions for our clients.

Mark Pittman

Internationally recognized for quality production services in Mexico”

Born in Texas, Mark is a production service provider with 30+ years of experience managing all levels from small to large-scale projects. He has a solid understanding of how to successfully move a film project from planning to production and final completion. He’s a people-friendly Texan with strong leadership and relationship-building skills.

Mark came to Mexico at the age of 12 when he would spend summers fishing and hunting with his father. After graduating from the University of Texas, he moved to Mexico to establish a new business. Then after earning an MBA he returned to Mexico to head up the Business Dept. at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico for 5 years.

Afterward, Mark became “Mexico’s Goodwill Ambassador” for Princess Cruises. Nicknamed, MR. MEXICO, Mark would enlighten the passengers on the history, culture and customs of Mexico while cruising the Pacific coast.

In 1980 Mark established CineSouth and began producing commercials, music videos & T.V. series. Since then CineSouth, has produced 100’s of T.V. commercials, music videos and T. V. shows for many of the top international production companies and ad agencies throughout his long career.

Mark produced the film REBORN with Dennis Hopper & Michael Moriarty for director Bigas Luna. For German TV he produced the film TEOTIHUACAN and later the T.V. series DROPPED, for Swedish television.

The list of film directors and directors of photography who Mark has produced for in Mexico contains some of the best Who’s Who in film production. Distinguished people like Emmanuel Lubezki “The Revenant, Gravity, The Bird Cage”, Doug Liman “The Bourne Identity” “Jason Bourne”, Dante Ariola “Arthur Newman”, Daniel Kleinman “Skyfall”, “Spectre”, Mark Pellington “Arlington Road”, Caleb Deschannel “The Right Stuff”, “The Natural”, “The Patriot”, Guillermo Navarro “ Jackie Brown” “Hellboy”, “Pacific Rim”, William Fraker “ The Legend of the Lone Ranger”, Robert Elswit “Mission Impossible”, “The Bourne Legacy”, Tom Dey “Showtime”, Marcus Nispel “Conan The Barbarian”, “Friday the 13th” plus others.

Music video clients range from such artists as Jennifer Lopez to Florence and the Machine and from NIN to Busta Rhymes plus many more.

Just a few of the T.V commercial clients include: Adidas, Nike, Coca Cola, Goodyear, PlayStation, Johnnie Walker, UK Army, BT Cellnet, AT&T, British Airways, Heineken, AOL, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Avon, Gillette, Chase Bank, Lands End, Armani, Budweiser, Corona Beer, Coors Light, Disney, Cunard, Norwegian Cruises, Bell Atlantic, Avon, Pepsi, Kraft, Chi Chi’s, Molson’s, Pocari, Kogame, Gokuri, Lamisil, Gatorade, Reactin, Afrin, Maxwell House, Clasico Sauce, Taco Cabana, Tio Sancho, Cap’n Crunch, Kellogg’s Special K, Master Card, Visa, REMAX, Schweppes, Banamex, Lysol, Mattel, PowerAde, McDonalds, Axe, Airheads, Fixodent, Dairy Queen, KMPG, Waitrose, Westin Hotels, Xbox, Zest.

Our 30+ years experience allows us to bring the best solution to every possible budgets challenge.

We welcome you to beautiful Mexico. CineSouth promises a safe and secure production experience at prices you’ll be happy with.