CineSouth has been a go-to provider of secure and trusty production services for Fortune 500 companies and world-renowned music artists since 1980 providing them with recognizable savings. Our 30+ years experience allows us to bring the best solution to every possible budgets challenge.

As one of Mexico’s leading and fully bilingual Production Service Companies, we are a team of experienced media professionals making sure, when filming in Mexico, your project is produced at a fraction of the cost with the best production services.


It’s a question that most production companies are asked all the time and here are a few good answers.


Mexico City is an international film hub that is close to other U.S. filming centers.

#1 US Flight Times
Flight Hours:Minutes
Chicago – Mexico City4:10
New York – Mexico City5:30
New York – Vancouver6:00
New York – Los Angeles6:00
Flight Hours:Minutes
Los Angeles – Chicago4:25
Los Angeles – Mexico City3:35
Los Angeles – Vancouver3:00
Los Angeles – New York5:35

Mexico City is an international film hub that is closest to the U.S. than these.

 Flight Hours:Minutes
New York – Mexico City5:30
New York – Buenos Aires19:35
New York – Cape Town18:50
Flight Hours:Minutes
Los Angeles – Mexico City3:35
Los Angeles – Buenos Aires16:20
Los Angeles – Cape Town22:35

Saving time on long flights means less fatigue and more productivity.

Int’l Talent Mix

Casting in Mexico City can provide the multi-ethnic look advertisers are looking for with unprecedented low buyout rates.

#2 Talent


Our helpful location service begins the first time you contact us. For instance, we maintain a location library of thousands of images that are immediately available to you. After hearing the needs of your project we will research our digital files and find the right images to send to you even before a scout is called. In this way, you know exactly the type of location or sporting event to be scouted.

New Locations

Mexico offers the advertiser NEW never seen before locations and settings that can bring creative freshness to current advertising themes.

#3 Locations

US & International Type Sporting Events

Mexico offers many of the popular sporting events found internationally and in the U.S., such as American football, baseball, basketball, rodeos, horse racing, golf, tennis, and even ice hockey are found here.

#4 sports


As we have personally scouted almost the entire country from one end to the other, our knowledge of the country, it’s customs and it’s people helps us to get the very best efforts from the people we work with, as well as the complete cooperation of all government entities. This expertise enables us to take full advantage of the tremendous economies of working in Mexico.

#5 Scouting


With our offices in Mexico City and South Texas as network central, your production staff will never lose contact with its home office no matter how remote the location.

#6 Mexico City Office
#7 U.S. Office

It is from these offices that the entire shoot is orchestrated. We can arrange all scouting, travel, entry visas, work permits, and accommodations. We know how to get crew and equipment into and out of the country without a hitch.

We procure location permits, assist you in casting, provide full production services and maintain a good working relationship with government agencies.


Once you and your crew are here, we work side by side with you to guarantee a safe and easy production. We normally work as your Mexican Line Producer or Production Manager whichever names work best in your company. Our bi-lingual production staff, consisting of Producers, Production Managers, Coordinators and Production Assistants, have tackled some of the most difficult production jobs produced here in Mexico. We complement your production team with all the crew titles you may need.

All departments are here.

Art Department, Camera Department, Directorial Department, EFX Department,
Sound Department, Electrical & Grip Department, Make-Up/Hair Department
& Production Department


Just about everything you need for production is now in Mexico. All types & makes of HD Cameras, Lights, Sound Stages, Motion Control, VTR, EFX & Post Production…. it’s all here.


Once an area of Mexico is selected as a possible location, we will prepare for you a bid based on your list of needs in both personnel and equipment that you wish to come from Mexico. We will also prepare a detailed calendar and bid information list that gives you travel times, costs, airline schedules, hotel rates, etc. In this way you have the most up to date information as it pertains to your bid at that date and time. All this information is then provided to you for presentation to your client.


Working with Cine South de Mexico is very simple. We work on either a Flat Bid or a Cost Plus Fixed Fee basis. We will bid the job either way and your cost is confidential.

Our bid to you is based on the personnel, equipment, and services you want us to handle. By bringing together our diverse experts in production, we provide you the utmost skill to your projects endeavor while bringing cost savings to your budget.

Budget Savings

Depending on the project, but an average shoot day in Mexico City is about 40-45% less expensive than shooting in LA and in some cases even more.

CineSouth promises a safe and secure production experience at prices you’ll be happy with.

We welcome you to beautiful Mexico!